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Flying Sail

Membership Information

We are presently accepting applications for sailing and Sail Away membership only. .

The White Rock Boat Club (hereinafter referred to as “WRBC”) encourages boating activity on White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas. Since 1961, WRBC has provided our members convenient access to White Rock Lake. WRBC members may participate in local, state, national and world sailing regattas.

An application, together with a personal reference, which could be from another boat club, a community organization, or any adult person not a member of your immediate family, must be submitted by you in order for you to be considered for membership in WRBC. Even if your application is approved, you may be placed on a waiting list for a davit, rack or pad.

WRBC is an all volunteer club, and applications are answered in the order they are received. Please be aware that over the summer months, particularly July and early August, you may not receive a response for more than a week.

For new members Annual Dues, and Davit or Pad Fees, will be pro-rated based upon the month your application is approved. The size of your boat, canoe, or kayak will determine what davit or pad you will need. The Initiation Fee is a one-time, $200, flat fee for new members joining the club. No payment should be remitted until your application and reference have been approved.

Dues are based on the type of membership and storage size you need for your boat.  Our club maintains a 70% sailor membership ratio, which means at this time we are not accepting SUP, social or kayak members. We do not provide storage for motor/fishing boats. 

Please apply for membership here.

Sailing Membership

This class of membership will be available to members who own a sailboat at the Club’s facilities and pay a fee for a sailboat pad or davit to the Club or who participate in the Club’s shared boat program (SailAway) and pay a fee to said program.

Social Membership

This class of membership will be available to individuals who do not own a boat at the Club, who demonstrate an interest in sailing or the Club, and/or wish to crew in sailing competition where Club membership is required. If a social member wishes to bring a boat to the Club, they must contact the Commodore for approval, and if approved, pay the additional davit, rack or pad fee to become a Sailing or Paddle Member in the Club.

Honorary Membership

A member who has been deemed by the Board of Directors to merit honorary membership by virtue of having demonstrated high value to the Club. An Honorary Member may participate in all Club activities and functions, but does not pay dues or fees, does not maintain a boat at the Club, is not eligible to vote or hold an elective office, and is exempt from work party requirements.

Sail Away Membership

White Rock Boat Club offers members the opportunity to join our shared boat program aka Sail Away Program. Members of the Sailaway Program pay a fee in addition to their annual dues. They then have use of the five boats currently owned by the Sailaway Program. Presently this fleet has three Flying Scots and two Harpoons. All five boats are ready to sail with sails (jib and mainsheet) and personal flotation devices.

Paddle Membership

This class of membership will be available to members who own a vessel powered by a manual paddle (e.g., canoe, paddleboard, or kayak) at the Club’s facilities and pay a fee for a pad/rack to the Club.

Provisional Membership

This class of membership will be available to individuals who demonstrate an interest in sailing or want to take lessons where Club membership is required. A provisional member is not permitted to vote, hold an elective office, own Club property or have access to codes to the gate or equipment rooms, or keep a boat at the Club. The provisional membership fee is due on the first day the provisional member comes to the Club or the first day of the class and the provisional membership will expire thirty (30) days after that date or upon course completion.

Emeritus Membership

A member who has attained the age of 60, has been a member of the club for 5 years and no longer maintains a boat at the club may become an emeritus member. An emeritus member pays the normal membership dues, has full membership privileges including voting rights and may hold club office but is exempt from work party requirements.

Annual Fees:

  • Club Dues       $330

  • SailAway          $300 (optional)

Plus Storage:

  • Large Davit     $300

  • Small Davit      $260

  • Boat Pad         $150

  • Kayak Rack      $150

Club members are required to participate in two work parties each year except as noted above. WRBC is run by volunteers and the upkeep of the club is shared with all of its members during a work party.  The club usually schedules four work parties per year, and if a member can not make one of the scheduled days, they can contact the Commodore to schedule their own day.  Per the club’s Bylaws, any member not participating in two work days per year will be charged a $100 fee per missed day.

Excerpts from the club’s bylaws referring to new members are on page two of the application. To see the full Bylaws document, click here »

What Our Members Say


Skyle - Sunfish Member

"The club is a great way to learn to sail, meet people that love to sail and also the boathouse and dock are just a really nice place to hangout"
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