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Sail Away

How it works

White Rock Boat Club Shared Boat Program is for club members only. 

White Rock Boat Club offers members the opportunity to join our Sailaway Program. Members of the Sailaway Program pay a fee in addition to their regular dues. They then have use of the eight boats currently owned by the Sailaway Program. Presently this fleet has four Flying Scots and two Harpoons, a butterfly and a Corinthian. All eight boats are ready to sail with sails (jib and mainsheet) and personal flotation devices. They are checked out through the Sailaway Program website maintained for program members. For further information please contact the Sailaway Coordinator, at

In order to join the Sailaway program you must:

  • Be a member of the White Rock Boat Club, or apply to join the WRBC concurrently with applying to join the Sailaway program.

    • If you are not a club member complete the club membership form: Membership

    • If you are a club member complete the Sailaway Application, available from Sam Etheridge

  • Pay the required annual fee

  • Pass the free State Boat Safety exam available at

  • Be checked out by an approved Sailaway instructor to insure that he/she has the necessary boat handling skills to safely manage the boat from departure to return.

If you are a member looking to reserve a boat, please login to the member area. 

We do not offer lessons to the public. 

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