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joel jessen
joel jessen

Joe Tinin was the director of Counseling at Eastfield College and I was a first year counselor and Psychology teacher. We would bring our Psychology and Human Sexuality and Social Problems classes to White Rock Boat Club and It was so much fun! Students had to write all the things they did and give a speech about it. It is called participatory teaching where the students teach each other from their own xperiences.

We told each student they were our favorite. The students were motivated to be extroverted in class and the more we learned about each other the more we loved each other, My family Joel Janis Jena and Jonathan every Sunday would have a group encounter starting in Junior high. What do you like or not like about each other and be honest! My kids grew up to make more money than I did and very different careers. But love was the filter that keep us the same and wanting to be togetner each week.

Tell us about your heart stories?? Than🌞ks ! Joel Jessen


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