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joel jessen
joel jessen

When I joined WRBC I was 26 and a friend Joe Tinnin had a Rebel and we would sail around White Rock and stop at the different docks. We would see young families or awesome women and offer to take them sailing. We tried racing but the boat got beat up by inexperianced sailors so we quit racing! Joe died of cancer and gave me the Rebel and I just sold it after 52 years and bought an awesome Flying Scot for my kids Jena 32 and Jonathan 30.

What fun stories do you have at WRBC?

I am trying to find some diversity to join our club from different countries like India, England, Demark, China or any of the many minorities which walk past our club. Do you have friends who could join our club to give us some color or interesting lives?

Heaven On Earth at WRBC ⚓️


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